Gratitude for wanting to be a new Member!

The applicant wanting to join the ABPR needs to be a registered student or graduate student in the training courses of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy and Regression Therapy, taught by qualified ABPR professionals. To apply, just access the payment page in the My ABPR tab and follow the procedures.

* If you are a current student and could not access your information from the My ABPR tab, please request your instructor to provide your registration with the ABPR.

* If you are a former student and cannot access your information from My ABPR tab, contact the ABPR through the Contact Us tab, stating your name, e-mail address, CPF (the Brazilian Registry Number), the name of your Instructor, the city you did the Course, and the year of completion of the Course.

For those who are already members and want to renew the annual tuition, visit the page containing the information on how to renew the annual tuition.

It is crucial that all those who have accepted the invitation from the Spiritual World engage in this work join and stay associated with the ABPR, the Home of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapist. We are a family and the ideal is that all the brothers and sisters who accepted the invitation (whether they are taking a Training Course or have already graduated) add their spiritual energy to the Spiritual Egregore of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, materially represented by the ABPR.

Benefits to Members

The members of the ABPR enjoy several advantages, including, for those who have already graduated, their names in the tab Professionals of our site, one of the most accessed places on our website, with thousands of annual visitations. All the people who get in touch with the ABPR, requesting an appointment with a reincarnationist psychotherapist will receive a virtual business card of our professionals.

One of the great benefits of being a member is the My ABPR tab, where there are more than 300 regression recordings (which are continually increasing), cataloged by pathology and other aspects, constituting a significant study material that is very important for the success of the reincarnationist psychotherapist, as well as a constant update in the Therapeutic Regression.

There are several video-classes in that area and we will be adding more new videos, so that members can further expand their knowledge about the main themes of the Course Syllabus, the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, the Therapeutic Regression, the Regression Manual, Tactics, the post-Regression Conversation, the first consultation, the Treatment with the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy, the Congenital Personality, the "persona-version" x "spirit-version" etc.

In this section, there are also templates of our official business card, the Therapeutic Recommendation brochure, containing technical specifications for printing, and the Booklet designed for free distribution containing a place where you can put names, phone, address, email, and website, so that people who come to receive a treatment may take it with them, as well as the individuals who are in the waiting room of your office. It can also be distributed at conferences and other venues.

The official slides for presentations and lectures are exclusive to our members, and are very useful in eventual lectures about the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy and the Ethics of our Method about the remembrance of past lives.

All this material and all the materials that will eventually be added to this area are exclusive for the ABPR members, as a big thank to the Spiritual World for those who truly embraced our organization and joined this work, experiencing the Message of the Reincarnationist Psychotherapy in their lives.


2016 Tuition fees

R$ 220.00 for 12 months, R$ 290.00 for 18 months and R$ 390.00 for 24 months (payment in cash, bill of pay, 12 installments in your credit card or invoice sent to you mailbox).

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